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Agent Mia arranged a meeting with an unknown agent. Agent Mia is very surprised when the infamous Leather Agent Galas shows up. In the past, Agent Mia had already defeated the Leather Agent, but Galas is back for revenge.

Galas shoots Mia in the foot. Mia falls to the ground in pain. The Leather Agent is very arrogant and now puts down the gun to slowly kill Agent Mia. While Galas turns to retrieve a rope, Mia quickly downs a Power Drink that heals and strengthens her. Galas didn’t notice and now begins to choke Agent Mia with a rope. Mia fights back and after a while the power juice begins to take effect. Mia is able to break free and quickly grab the gun and defeat the Leather Agent. The leather agent lies on the floor for a while longer, moaning and twitching.

Now in another room, Mia begins searching the Leather Agent’s dead body. Agent Mia touches and feels Galas‘ body. Mia now decides to try out her new toy too. A remote control that emits electric shocks. We see Gala’s body twitch and moan. After some time of torture, Galas comes back to life. She staggers but cannot fight. She falls into Mia’s arms, who still has power over the remote control. After some time, Galas regains control of her body. She pushes Mia away. Mia wants Gala’s attention because Mia still has a job to fill. But Galas, who only has her revenge on her mind, grabs a pistol and threatens Mia with it and finally pulls the trigger. Mia falls to the ground, but she only plays dead. She had previously put blanks in the magazine and thus tricked the Leather Agent again.

The Leather Agent arrogantly and confidently puts one foot on Agent Mia’s body. Mia activates her remote control and Galas twitches and falls onto Mia, who then pets the defeated Galas.

Mia places Gala’s body back on the counter and takes some photos.

Now in another room, Mia is recording a video for her enemies. She presents the dead Galas next to her. She celebrates her victory in an arrogant way and shows Gala’s cleavage. Mia also shows off her great toy and makes Gala’s body moan and twitch again.

At the end we see Galas wrapped in a blanket on the counter.

The cleaning crew comes by and takes some clothes from Galas.