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Scene 1:

Penelope intercepts an intruder sneaking into the house. The intruder is able to snatch the gun from Penelope and shoot her. Penelope slowly falls to her knees. Then to the ground. While lying on the ground she takes more shots. She suffers severe pain and convulses a few more times until she dies.

Scene 2:

We see an intruder with a syringe sneaking up on Penelope and administering the syringe to her neck. Penelope is in pain. She can no longer stand up and falls to the ground. She crawls around a little more before she lies on the ground and the intruder gives her another injection in her mouth. We see Penelope convulsing on the floor and finally dying.

Scene 3:

Penelope sits on the couch with her smartphone while the intruder loops his belt and attacks her from behind. Penelope crawls while being choked. As Penelope weakens, she is in a kneeling position, hanging from the belt. After being choked to death, Penelope’s body falls to the ground. She lands on her stomach. The killer removes the belt around her neck and then lifts her head up and plays with her face briefly. Then he just lets her body fall again and she crashes limp to the ground.

Scene 4:

The scene begins with Penelope beating the intruder. He fights back and gains the upper hand. He grabs Penelope by the neck and pushes her against a wall. As Penelope weakens, she falls to the ground and continues to be choked there. We see drooling and postmortem twitching after her death.

Scene 5:

Again we see Penelope attacking the intruder. This time she has a knife handy. The intruder is able to take the knife away from Penelope and he stabs her in the stomach. Penelope is in pain and her energy is draining quickly. The intruder then slits her throat with the knife. Penelope grabs her neck and slowly crawls away. A few meters further, Penelope lies down and we hear choking noises and she twitches a little. The intruder stabs her a few more times. As a grand finale, he rams the knife into Penelope’s chest and brutally cuts down to her stomach. Penelope dies accompanied by a few twitches.