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A company charges their wealthy customers a fee to send an attractive young lady to their house to submit to any of the customers‘ demands. This particular customer has paid a premium, meaning the lady doesn’t have to be sent back to the company alive at the end of the night. When Monroe arrives at the customers bedroom door, she is fully aware of this, and surprisingly willing to allow it to happen. She then asks if the customer has decided how he wants to kill her, and the customer admits that he’s not too sure what the best way would be. Monroe suggests something simple, like a neck snap, which leads to a dream sequence where this is what happens. The customer grabs Monroe’s head and violently twists it from one side to the other. Monroe lets out a cry of pain as she falls to the floor, eyes wide open in a death stare. The customer bends down to inspect her body. We see leg and arm drops before the customer checks Monroe’s pulse. He checks her pulse and then he snaps her neck again to make sure shes dead. The dream sequence ends with a close-up of Monroe’s shocked expression on her face as the customer gently closes her eyes. We transition back to reality where Monroe admits it’s probably a little too quick to go out that way. She therefore suggests the customer grab a knife and stab her to death. We move into another dream sequence. The customer then stabs Monroe in the belly. The customer stabs Monroe a few more times as she falls to the bed in pain. The customer inspects his work as she writhes around, pleading with the customer to just finish her off. So he takes the knife andslowly stabs her in the neck. Monroe’s eyes are wide open in fear and pain as this happens. Monroe lets out one last sigh as she dies, eyes open. The customer double checks her pulse but stabs her one last time in the heart to make sure. back to reality…Monroe asks the customer what he thinks of the stabbing idea, but he says he thinks it might be a bit too messy. Monroe is a little disappointed, but asks if he has any ideas. The customer admits that he would really like to strangle Monroe, going into detail as to how he would do it. Once hearing this, Monroe agrees to be strangled and offers to lie back on the bed so that it’s nice and easy for the customer. She does this and the customer climbs on top of her, straddling her as he slowly caresses Monroe’s neck. Monroe tells the customer that she’s enjoyed her time with him, and that she hopes he enjoys her body long into the evening. The customer thanks Monroe then asks if she’s finally ready to die. Monroe says she is and the customer wraps his hands around her throat, choking her. We get a lengthy choking scene as Monroe’s eyes go wide and her tongue sticks out every now and then. She doesn’t fight it much however and lets the customer kill her. After a while Monroe starts to slow down and fade. The customer comforts her in her final moments like before, telling her that „it’s almost over“ and to „let it happen“ Monroe then finally dies with a long sigh as she goes limp, her eyes wide open and tongue protruding. The customer keeps the pressure on Monroe’s neck a little longer to make sure. We get some body pans with a lot of focus on Monroe’s face and death stare. The customer then gently closing her eyes to make her look more at peace. We see a few final leg and arm drops and a pulse check before the video ends.

After the credits we see some behind the scenes and blooper material.