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Ishwa enters the room and is then approached by an unseen person.

(Only Ishwa can see and hear that person.)

This person is represented by the camera, which is in a fixed position halfway up.

(Imagine a person seated in a chair holding a gun)

The camera should be set so that Ishwa is in full view.

Some of the ground in front of Ishwa should also be visible so that Ishwa can still be seen when she dies.

Scene 1

So Ishwa enters the room in her chucks. She also wears white socks.

Ishwa can choose the rest of the clothes herself. (Maybe a pair of tight jeans or leggings)

Ishwa notices the man pointing a gun at her. Ishwa turns to the man and puts her hands up.

She speaks to the man and asks what he wants. She is scared and begs him not to do anything to her.

Ishwa does and repeats what the man says to her because only Ishwa can hear it.

Ishwa kneels on only one knee. (Ishwa says: Yes, I will kneel before you)

Yes, I will kneel even lower. Ishwa kneels on both knees and continues to plead for her life.

Ishwa stops looking at the man and instead looks down while still holding her hands up.

Ishwa straightens up a bit and looks at the man again.

She continues to plead and says: Please spare me. I’ll do anything you say

At that moment, the man shoots Ishwa in the chest. Ishwa clutches his chest and falls to the side.

After a few seconds, Ishwa lies with open eyes motionless on the ground.

It would be nice if you can still see the shoes and feet when you are lying on the ground.

Scene 2

Ishwa wakes up. She clutches her chest and finds that she is not wounded.

Ishwa looks at the man and asks: What happened here? Ishwa sees the gun in the man’s hand again.

Startled, Ishwa stands up and puts her hands up. What do you want from me asks Ishwa. please don’t hurt me I beg your pardon?

Should I take off my shoes? OK? No problem! Just please spare me. Ishwa sits down and takes off her shoes.

On your knees, the man says what only Ishwa can hear. Okay, I’ll kneel down, says Ishwa. Ishwa kneels on one knee and puts her hands up.

The man says deeper. Ishwa is now kneeling on both knees and looking down. Ishwa continues to plead for her life.

When Ishwa looks up at the man, a shot rings out. Ishwa touches her stomach. Ishwa is in pain and asks the man why?

Why did you do that. We hear another shot and Ishwa grabs her ribs and falls over. We hear three more shots.

Ishwa’s body jerks from these hits and then lies motionless in a position where her feet can be seen and with her eyes open.

Scene 3

Ishwa wakes up again. Touches and examines her body, which has just been punctured by the shots.

She looks at the man and says: What a demon you are?

Ishwa sees the gun and is scared. Please stop it. I do everything!

Ishwa is told to take off her socks and repeats the man’s voice: Okay, I’ll take off my socks for you, but please don’t hurt me.

Ishwa takes off her socks and then puts her hands up again and looks at the man.

Kneeling Ishwa repeats the man’s voice and kneels on one of her knees.

deeper! Ishwa kneels more deeply. Now on both knees.

Please don’t hurt me, says Ishwa.

Look at me, says the man.

Ishwa looks at the man.

We hear a gunshot and Ishwa’s head bangs back.

Ishwa dies instantly and her body sags.

Ishwa’s feet should be visible.

The camera continues to roll for a few more seconds.