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Sandra and Yurca are burglars. Sandra has found a suitable house to rob, she thinks! Unfortunately, Yurca is too late, so she starts searching the house alone for valuables. Sandra notices a strange teddy bear that seems to be around more often than not, as this teddy bear sits in many rooms. Suddenly strange things happen. The light goes out as if by magic and Sandra’s foot suddenly sticks to the floor. Sandra panics and can only escape by leaving her shoe behind. She makes it to the door, but it is locked. Another door opens, but there is only this strange teddy bear sitting there again. Sandra turns around, but then an invisible force grabs her and drags her into the room. The door closes.

When Yurca reached the house it had become quiet. Yurca looks for Sandra but she only finds one of her shoes that she smells. The shoe seems to smell terrible. Yurca also finds a sock that doesn’t smell any better. Then Yurca notices this teddy bear, but she thinks nothing of it. Why? Yurca tries to call Sandra and shortly afterwards we hear a cell phone ringing in the next room. It’s Sandra’s cell phone, but there’s no sign of Sandra. Her clothes are there and the teddy is sitting there. Now Yurca is also attacked by the invisible force. Yurca fights it and makes it into the living room. She injured her foot and called for backup.

When she hangs up, the teddy suddenly has her in a stranglehold. Yurca is dragged away, strangled, and her clothes are left at the scene. No sign of Yurca’s body.

The reinforcements arrive. They are Raquel, Penelope and Barby. Barby waits in the car while Penelope and Raquel check the house. They split up and while Penelope checks the upper floor, Raquel suffers the same fate as Yurca.

When Penelope comes back down, Raquel has disappeared. Penelope is strangled and then taken to the next room. The room seems to have swallowed her up, as her clothes are spit out and there is no trace of Penelope.

Barby waits impatiently outside in the car. Suddenly she hears a noise in her car. She gets out, goes to the trunk and opens it. The strange teddy bear is sitting there. Barby is grabbed by the neck by the invisible force and dragged into the trunk. After Barby stops moving, the trunk closes and spits out Barby’s clothes onto the floor.