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Laura is a tutor. Today she is expecting her three students, Penelope, Mary and Raquel. The girls are late and naughty as usual. Raquel in particular is a real naughty brat. Laura’s nerves can’t handle it anymore and that’s why she’s going to get the girls out of the way today. Maybe the girls didn’t even get to her. The world is dangerous and she would have a few hours to enjoy the dead feet.

After class begins, Penelope has to go to the toilet. Laura pretends to take Penelope to the toilet, but she leads her to a secluded room. There Laure chokes little Penelope with a thin cord until she loses consciousness. Laura takes off Penelope’s shoes and socks and then worships her unconscious limp feet. When Penelope wakes up, she is shocked by this situation, but Laura reacts quickly and begins to strangle Penelope again with the thin cord. This time it ends fatally for Penelope. Laura leaves the lifeless body there and goes back to the other two brats.

Laura now checks the homework and of course it was done sloppily. Laura takes a hard object and hits Raquel with it. Mary is shocked and doesn’t understand what is happening here. Laura now attacks Mary. They both fall to the ground, but Laura is stronger and strangles Mary. Laura now takes off Mary’s shoes and socks and worships the young woman’s dead feet. Laura then takes the body into the next room and places it next to Penelope. More foot worship ensues.

Some time later, Raquel wakes up and looks for her friends. She finds the corpses in the next room and, after a brief shock, begins to play with the dead feet and worships them. Then Laura suddenly appears and breaks Raquel’s neck. Laura worships Raquel’s feet and then lines up all the corpses one by one in a sitting position.

There is an extra scene after the credits. We learn that the Invisible Killer was there and saw everything. Laura must not go unpunished. That’s why the killer shoots Laura in the chest, who dies shortly afterwards and is allowed to sit next to the other dead bodies.