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Quynie is a spy who has been undercover at a college for over a year because a spy from the opposing side is also said to have infiltrated there. Quynie is still in the dark and the work is so boring that she allows friendships like the one with Ella.

What Quynie doesn’t know is that Ella is the spy she’s looking for and that she’s just waiting to strike at the right moment. Ella’s agency waits until all agents are in position and then carries out many murders on the other side at the same time in order to strategically weaken the opponent.

Today is supposed to be that day and Quynie and Ella are sitting together on the couch in an apartment. Quynie complains about the professor and all the homework. Ella wants to surprise Quynie, but when Ella secretly puts a nylon around Quynie’s neck and starts choking her, it’s not what Quynie expected. Or maybe yes?

Whatever? A fight ensues, but Ella had the element of surprise on her side. She manages to choke Quynie unconscious, but then stops. Ella hasn’t worked on this mission for a year for so little fun!

When Quynie wakes up again, Ella is briefly inattentive and the still weakened Quynie tries to escape. Ella can quickly catch up with them and gain the upper hand. Again Quynie is choked with a nylon until she faints.

Ella wants to have fun one last time and she gets it when she strangles Quynie one last time. This time to the bitter end. Ella reports the successful mission to her employer and leaves.

But what now? Quynie and Ella are sitting on the couch together again. Ella speaks to Quynie, whose thoughts were elsewhere. Quynie can see danger coming shortly beforehand and knows what to do now. Ella, her friend, was the spy she was supposed to be looking for. It’s hard to believe what she wants to do to her and Quynie decides to do exactly the same thing to Ella.

Now Quynie has the element of surprise on her side, because Ella can’t understand what Quynie is talking about. She didn’t know about this ability and that now becomes her downfall, because the fun is now all on Quynie’s side when Ella goes through the same thing as Quynie in her vision.

After Ella is knocked out twice and finally strangled to death, Quynie reports the success of the mission to her agency.