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Tiara and Helen were assigned to infiltrate Ella’s apartment to find secret documents from Ella’s company. Ella and Demi, Ella’s assistant and partner, are at an event and not at home. So it should be an easy task. And thats how it is. Tiara and Helen enter the apartment. Tiara is very experienced and is supposed to take the beginner Helen with her on this mission. Tiara quickly finds the documents and gives Helen the task of scanning everything. Tiara receives a call from headquarters. You get an extra task. The apartment is to be bugged. Tiara leaves Helen alone to receive the equipment. How else could it be. From now on everything goes wrong. Helen drops the documents and is inattentive when Ella and Demi come home far too early. Ella sees Helen and is able to sneak up on her and knock her down. When Helen wakes up she is tied to a chair. Ella questions her, but Helen takes the matter lightly, thinking that Tiara will come to save her at any moment. But thought wrong. Helen is tortured by choking Ella so that she names the client. But Helen stands firm and when an argument breaks out between Ella and Demi, Ella doesn’t pay attention and chokes Helen to death. This shouldn’t happen and the two women stand perplexed next to the dead agent. Just then, Tiara comes back and sees what happened. Tiara raises her weapon and takes a few steps towards the women. Demi tries to calm the situation and crosses the path. Tiara doesn’t care much because they’ve been exposed and there can’t be any witnesses, so she pulls the trigger. She hits Demi and what Tiara didn’t notice is that Ella secretly reached for Helen’s gun and quickly fires back, hitting Tiara. Tiara falls to the ground and Ella bows down to mourn Demi. Ella is inattentive and doesn’t notice that Tiara is still alive, because she manages to raise her shaky arm again to point the gun at Ella again and shoot her. Ella falls dead on the floor in front of Demi. Behind her, Helen is sitting in the chair, also dead. Tiara is too badly hit and suffers for a while until she too remains lying lifeless in this room.