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In this mystery film we first see long shots of the crime scene (much more than the trailer shows)…here we see the sisters Helen and Tiara and their stepsister Cinderella (Penny) dead on the bed.

The door to the apartment was locked from the inside and there is no explanation for what happened here. Maybe something supernatural?

Cinderellas Death

Cinderella sits alone on the couch. Her two stepsisters sit on the bed behind her and have fun with her. A short time later they bring Cinderella over. They have a surprise for her, but that surprise means they want to get rid of Cinderella. A cowardly attack by the two women follows. Tiara wraps a nylon around Penny’s neck while Helen holds her tight.

Penny fights back strongly and is able to briefly shake Helen off, but she immediately clings to Penny’s legs again. Penny is almost beaten, but Helen wants to finish it herself. Tiara lets go of Penny and Helen breaks Penny’s neck.

The two sisters now take selfies of themselves and the corpse and leave.

Tiara realizes in the stairwell that she doesn’t have her cell phone, so she goes back while Helen waits outside.

Tiaras Death

When Tiara enters the apartment she finds her smartphone, but there is no trace of Penny’s body. While Tiara is still confused, an undead Penny appears behind Tiara and wraps the nylon tights around her neck. Tiara has no chance and ultimately loses in a long death battle.

Helens Death

Helen is still waiting in the stairwell. She has no idea what happened. She is impatient and also goes back to the apartment. There she sees her sister Tiara lying on the bed, but no sign of Penny. Shortly afterwards, Helen suffers the same fate as Tiara. She is attacked by an undead Penny. Penny chokes Helen hard with a nylon for a long time and just like what happened to her, she ends up breaking Helen’s neck.

Could it really have happened like that, every detective will question themselves as we see more slow footage of the crime scene.